The future is here with the Profusion iS digital Media manager. Powerful & affordable, this is Swift’s latest music solution.

Our Strength lies in understanding the diverse needs of the Customers and translating that into customized solutions.

The iS provides total control over what your customers hear, and flexible scheduling management and more makes it the only delivery system you’ll need to provide an engaging experience for your customers.

The iS music creates the Perfect Vibe. No other commercial media manager comes close – high fidelity and stereo sound capability. Designed specifically for businesses, it is rack mountable, is small enough to handle and sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of a business setting.

This device provides:

  • • Fully licensed content
  • • Real music from the real, original artists
  • • A vast selection of music styles
  • • Expert music designers – DJ’s, musicologists, musicians and more. Hear the difference
  • • Extensive library of music
  • • Disc updates
  • • Automatically change of content playing with dayparting – can change your vibe/tempo at any time
  • • Easy content management
  • • Powerful multiple zone possibilities – two zones of audio, each with independent scheduling capability
  • • Simple effortless operation – built-in display allows for easy adjustment to settings and shows music
  • • Hands free operation

To listen to the Music Samples, please click here   music