Swift Audio Video Entertainments Pvt. Ltd., with its Corporate office in Chennai, in the South India, delivers to you music content management solution through the world’s leading digital on-premise system with state-of-the-art technology providing all the features and functionality you need to build your business image. We provide access to one of the world’s largest music libraries, delivering more than 100 styles of legal nonstop music, all from original artistes.

Swift provides the hospitality industry with custom music specially designed to suit the required ambiance. With over 25 years of association with the hospitality industry, behind us, we know what makes the customers tick. The music is customer-specific and is updated every 90 days to ensure it retains its freshness.

The music delivery mechanism, the MP7200, is the most convenient, easy-to-use music management system available today with:

  • • Targeted music
  • • Flexible scheduling & zoning
  • • Reliable & tamper resistant
  • • Designed to withstand long hours of use
  • • Multizone capability upto three zones
  • • Dynamic day-parting to schedule different programs at different times
  • • Automatic music scheduling by time of day, day of week & seasonal/promotional events
  • • LCD display displays STA- style name, title of song & artiste & menu options
  • • Hands free operation
  • • 90 day digital music updates

With our presence, Pan India, it makes it easy for us to cater to your music needs, no matter where you are. We are proud to say, that we have clientele not only in India - from Kashmir to Thiruvanthapuram & Ahmedabad to Kolkata- but in the Maldives, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, too. For additional information on how to customize music at your site, please select one of the below links

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