AV Integration includes key elements in Design, both functional and aesthetic, is the essential ingredient for an effective and easy to use AV facility. Our experienced Design and Engineering team designs specialized AV facilities that meet and exceed the highest international design standards (Banquet Halls, Function Halls, Meeting Halls, Auditoriums, Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, etc.).

Banquet halls have the potential to generate substantial amounts of business by hosting different kinds of events, making them an important facility in a hotel. However, because the events are varied - corporate conferences, meetings, weddings, parties etc - We help these venues provide a wide range of facilities and flexibility.

  • • Incorporate sophisticated audio-visual and environment control features that are flexible, seamless and extremely easy to use
  • • Use the banquet halls as advanced meeting venues for larger audience (with presentation and AV facilities)
  • • Avail of high quality video communication with the outside world whenever required
  • • Adapt the banquet hall for different requirements at short notice
  • • Large screen displays - allow display of PC and documents
  • • Ability to conference with the outside world (video and audio) in high definition
  • • User-friendly touch-panel control interface – allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialing, lighting etc
  • • Preset lighting system to suit the varied functions of the room
  • • Audio System ensures that speech and program audio are equally intelligible in all parts of the room

With our presence, Pan India, it makes it easy for us to cater to your music needs, no matter where you are. We are proud to say, that we have clientele not only in India - from Kashmir to Thiruvanthapuram & Ahmedabad to Kolkata- but in the Maldives, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, too. For additional information on how to customize music at your site, please click here.